Monday, July 30, 2012

Women's Favorite Power Tool: Sex

When you withhold sex from your husband with the intent of punishing him for not being nice/not doing chores/being too busy for you, you’re actually accomplishing these three things instead:

 1. You’re treating him like an animal. While puppies learn from Behaviorism, adult humans don’t learn well from a rewards/punishment system. Keeping sex from your man because he did something you didn’t like is EXACTLY the same as smacking your dog’s nose when he poops in the house. And FYI? If you do this, you’re the bitch.

2. You’re treating yourself like a prostitute.  You cannot complain that you get unfair wages and treatment because you’re a woman, and then use your womanhood (you know, your vagina and your boobs) in order to get something that you want. When you do this, you are also reinforcing the stereotype that women are stupid and un-creative. You’re also giving men full permission to use sexual harassment and gender manipulation in the workplace, because you do it at home. Is that your intent?

3. You’re insulting sex. Sex is not a bargaining chip, it’s not a currency, and it’s not a tool that you can use to manipulate your man. It’s something that, at the very least, two people engage in because they want to enjoy one another’s bodies and at its most, it's a process that creates a human life. Sex was not created for you to use to hold your husband's head figuratively under water until you get what you want.


Stop making your gender look bad.
Stop manipulating your man.
Stop using your body like currency.
Just stop.

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