Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beer Review: North Coast Grand Cru

I'm lucky enough to work at an office of a small company where the owners are total Guys' Guys... which means a lot of beer and wine are consumed between 9am and 5pm in our office.

Today I heard the boss talking about an odd beer he pulled out of the well-stocked fridge, wondering who bought it.

I'm going to be honest here: I don't love beer.

I like beer. I enjoy a beer now and then when the boyfriend cooks up a good venison steak, or when I'm out and in the mood for a relatively cheap-alcohol-content-for-your-dollar buzz. I most certainly love a man who loves beer. But I'm definitely not a beer girl. Give me a cheap mixed drink, a malt beverage or a white wine any day. So when the guys offer to pour me a glass, my response is usually "No thanks."
But today, when I overheard the phrase "agave nectar," I dropped what I was doing and poked my head out of my office like a kitten that smells tuna. "What are you talking about?" I inquired, like a little kid asking if that neat wrapped present in the corner was for him. My boss read me the description:

"North Coast Grand Cru is brewed exclusively with Pils malt, with an addition of agave nectar in the kettle. It’s subtle, complex, and lightly hopped with a deceptive 12.5% ABV, and aging it in oak gives this unique beer an extra dimension. The result is really champagne-like."

So, I tried a glass. And this beer? This beer is different. They weren't kidding when they said it had a champagne-like taste, except this is less dry and easier to drink in my opinion than champagne. It comes in at a pretty hefty 12.5% and I'm definitely feeling it already, but it's so easy to drink that I don't even notice.
Couple the sweet, easy taste and light hops with the bubbly drinkability of this brew and I must hereby declare: this is the best beer I've ever tried.

I'm not sure if that's a compliment to the brewer or not, but I'm most definitely having a second glass.

Who wants to drive me home?

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