Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cabela's responds to "Medical Excise Tax" on receipt regarding Obamacare

I recently saw the same post going around facebook and snopes that customers were charged a medical excise tax at the beginning of 2013 at Cabela's. Being a fan of Cabela's and an NRA member, I was of course upset like everyone else. Here are a few of the photos circulating:


Obviously the idea of a medical excise tax is infuriating to those of us who didn't vote for Soon-To-Be-Dictator Obama, and Cabela's doesn't seem like the kind of business to stand behind Obama's politics, either. Being a sports(wo)man myself and a huge fan of Cabela's (we're there about a dozen times a year), I messaged the company to find out the truth about this tax and the photos circulating the internet. Rather than relying on, who has an obvious liberal agenda, I figured I'd try to find out myself what the answer is.

I left a comment on their facebook wall and sent the same message via their contact form on their website.

This is what my message said and below that is the response I received from the company. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Essentially, (if you don't want to read the full exchange below):
  1. There was an error in their machines. The tax was a mistake.
  2. They WANT TO GIVE YOU A REFUND - instructions are below and
  3. Don't boycott Cabela's. They are a great company and unlike many other companies (talking to you, Dicks and Cheaper than Dirt), they aren't bowing to the pressure to support the raping of our freedoms "Gun Control."

As you may be aware, there are photographs going around the internet that a customer was charged a medical excise tax for a non-medical purchase at Cabela's. According to, it was a glitch on Cabela's software with the turn of the new year. However, snopes is known to be unreliable and liberally-slanted, so is there any way this issue can officially be cleared up? I know that Cabela's is a great company that supports outdoorsmen, and I'd love to be able to clear up some of the anger circulating around facebook regarding these pictures. A response is always appreciated. Thanks!

About 18 hours later, I received this response via email:

 Response Via Email (Austin)01/03/2013 03:16 PM
Hello Rebecca,

Thank you for contacting Cabelas!

On January 1, 2013 many retail transactions were charged a Medicare Excise tax. By noon the problem was worked on and fixed. If any customers were charged with this tax are being credited unless paid by cash or check. If paid by cash or check the customers are encouraged to take the receipt to the store to be issued credit. There was an error made by mistake, and was fixed. If you have any further questions, or comments feel free to contact us.

Thank you for visiting and come back soon!
Happy New Year!

Austin H
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  1. So the cost is going to come from somewhere else I suspect. It just won't be so obvious printing it as a "Medical Excise Tax" on the receipt.

  2. Should have read " OOPs, you weren't supposed to see that. We will definitely change the tax code on our receipts to something you won't question in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience".

  3. I don't know. I don't understand how it happened in the first place. I don't see Cabela's standing behind our tyrant of a president and his fiscally damaging policies any time soon.

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  5. I bought a shotgun from Sportsman's Warehouse on Mar 16, 2003. The total cost was $354.96. The tax on that purchase was another $24.85. Our state sales tax is 7%. If you do the math, you will see there was no hidden tax here. I believe Cabela's response.

  6. snopes has a liberal agenda? it's called the truth...

  7. I'd like to see some examples of snopes "liberal agenda."

  8. Snopes doesn't have a liberal agenda. They simply disspell nontruths. That's just foolishness. And no one takes you seriously when say foolish things like that.

  9. The way I read the IRS law the excise tax is charged when the manufacturer sells the items to a retailer and the price to the retailer includes the excise tax. The retailer treats the total price as his cost, adds his mark-up or profit and that determines the final price which is the basis for the sales tax if that state has a sales tax. The so-called Medical Devise tax appears meant to be hidden and not disclosed to the buyer. Perhaps the mistake by Cabelas was it itemized the excise tax? Am I wrong? IRS publications need interpretation by a lawyer.